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  • BOSS DB-60 Metronome

    BOSS DB-60 Metronome

    Wide variety of rhythm patterns to play along with Quickly create original rhythm patterns with the Note-Mixing function Loop Play for calling up memory settings and playing the patterns repeatedly MORE THAN JUST A METRONOME The new DB-60 is...

  • Samson CM40 Chromatic Guitar Tuner And Metronome

    Samson CM40 Chromatic Guitar Tuner And Metronome

    The Samson CM40 Chromatic Guitar Tuner and Metronome brings precision tuning and metronome capabilities together. The Samson CM40's compact, easy-to-use design makes tuning any stringed, woodwind or brass instrument, as well as metronome training, a...

  • Meinl Percussion MPE2R Low Pitch Percussion Block, Red

    Korg MCM-1 Clip-on Personal Metronome

    39 Traditional pendulum metronome settings; 40-208 BPM Loud, Soft or Muted volume settings; LED beat indicator 7 Time signatures; duplet, triplet and quadruplet patterns Uses one CR-2032 Battery Clip-on Personal Metronome Product Teaser Measuring...

5 of 5 Items